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**Inside: Guide for some of the best gifts for your mom: 17 shops from Etsy and More

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When I was a child, we bought gifts, went out to eat, and said I love you, but… Mother’s day was basically like any other day…It wasn’t a big deal.

But now as a mother myself,

I appreciate the holiday even more. Not just because I like to open presents, but because I want my children to learn generosity, joy, and confidence. (To name a few)

And well it is nice to be appreciated and honored, whether on Mother’s Day, Christmas, or any random day.

“Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcometh the world.

R.J. Palacio, Wonder

But my favorite gifts are the kind that keeps on giving.

The gifts I remember the most weren’t the most expensive (with the exception of my engagement ring), but they’re the gifts that had a little extra something:

  • A written card from my twelve-year-old niece
  • A scavenger hunt to find my gift of books
  • A favorite children’s book signed by friends and family at my baby shower
My favorite gifts are the kind that keeps on giving. The gifts I remember the most weren't the most expensive but they were the gifts that had a little extra something. Click To Tweet

With those sentiments in mind, I have scoured Etsy, plus a few bonus online shops in search of the best gifts for your mom with a little extra something…

Many of the shops I’ve chosen also contribute to a good cause or help support a mission I’m proud to share.

And if you want to use any holiday as an excuse to treat yourself, then you’ll get no shame or judgment from me. (Does anybody else hide their favorite treats?)

17 of the Best Gifts for Your Mom:

As an extra bonus, I had the honor of receiving a little insight from a few of the shop owners themselves. I asked the following two questions:

  • What was your favorite gift to give or receive for Mother’s Day?
  • What is the most meaningful gift from your Etsy shop?

**Quotes from the shop owners are in italics.

**Note: The following are affiliate links. If you choose to click on the link and purchase an item, I bring home a little extra income at no extra cost to you. That income helps me be able to give more to you and this website. Please see my full disclosure policy for more info.

There are so many great artists on Etsy. This list is by no means exhaustive. Please consider supporting small businesses at this time. Please note all pictures from the shops are from their own shop pictures.

1. The Fair Line: Ethical, Fair Trade scarves, purses, napkins, towels

Shop Owner: Coleen

Ethically sourced, ethically made fashion accessories and home décor. The Fair Line is the handcrafted line of Education And More which is a non-profit working to improve the lives of Mayan artisans in Guatemala. We design items that our partner artisans in Guatemala then hand weave or handcraft. They receive a very fair wage plus many other benefits such as education and home improvements to help them step out of poverty and improve their lives.

The Fair Line

Favorite gift: Coleen’s favorite gift is when someone spends time helping her with a project or donates to a good cause in her name. Her favorite gift to give is the handwoven towels from her shop.

Personal Note: I’m a little bit of a tree hugger (just a little), so I love reusable, well, anything.

I especially love the reusable towels my sister gifted me for Christmas one year. They make even meals like macaroni feel luxurious. The towels from The Fair Line would make a beautiful addition to any collection.

Most meaningful gift from her shop: Bracelets 2 Educate

Every bracelet sold helps mothers earn a living and helps their children receive an education.

I find bracelets are a great way to remind yourself of things to pray for and open up opportunities to share awareness. A large variety of bracelets are available in Coleen’s shop.

2. Loft and Daughter: Consciously Crafted Jewelry and Home-wares

Shop Owner: Katie

Favorite gift: A printed collection of pictures of her first year as a mother with her son.

Personal Note: My favorite way to “wrap gifts” is by placing them in a bag or box that can also be considered a gift!

  • Baskets
  • Mugs
  • Or even oven mitts.

3. Sarah Geringer Creates: Books, paintings, and creations to inspire your faith and encourage others.

Shop Owner: Sarah

Website: sarahgeringer.com

Personal Note: I have been a follower of Sarah for some time now. Her book, Transforming Your Thought Life, has helped me refocus my walk with God and a book I refer back to often.

Favorite Gift: I love homemade cards from my children for Mother’s Day.

Most meaningful gift from her shop: My handmade pressed flower bookmarks are one of a kind and I love collecting the plants from my very own Missouri woods.

4. The Filter Free Mom: Beautiful Home Decor with A Christ-Focused Center

Shop Owner: Jennifer

Website: The Filter Free Mom – Encouraging moms & all women to abandon shame, break through chains & live set free

The Filter Free Mom is my ministry to other moms and women where I do the work of encouragement to the hurting, the struggling and the broken-hearted. This shop is an extension of my ministry.

Favorite Gift: I treasure the handmade gifts I have received over the years from my kids. It’s the tissue boxes turned into jewelry boxes and handmade cards that mean more to me than gold.

Most meaningful gift from her shop:

All of the digital art prints in my shop are meaningful to me, as I design them in hopes to encourage women and help them fill their homes with affordable decor that will point themselves, their families, and their guests to God.

As busy women, we also need options for last-minute gifts and my digital prints are perfect for that!

But one of my favorites is my Doxology watercolor print. When I hear the Doxology sung, it brings me back to my earliest years, standing in the church pew with my parents. It’s comforting both in lyric and melody, helping me to center my heart on God and the many blessings he has provided.

5. The Creators Classroom: Coloring Pages and Bible Reading Plans

If you’re trying to find a simple way to teach your kids generosity, having them color one of the printables below would be a great gift for a grandmother or aunt or even a teacher. I especially like the ones on the right as they are simple enough for a kid to not get overwhelmed.

Personal Note: After coloring a scripture printable for my kids, my son reciprocated by coloring his own scripture printable for me.

And I must say, for a six-year-old, he did a great job and it meant so much that he took the time to do that for me. It was a nice surprise to come home to after a long day at work.

Favorite Gift: A trip to visit my best friend with airfare and hotel accommodations

Most meaningful gift from her shop:

Two that have special meaning:

6. By His Grace Art Studio: Digital Art, Gratitude Journals, Portraits

Shop Owner: Donna Miller

Personal Note: Handwrite your own scriptures or write why you’re grateful for the giftee on several pages of the journal.

Favorite Gift: My favorite gifts were some beautiful handmade cards my two daughters made for me when they were little girls.

Most Meaningful Gift from Her Shop:

I painted an angel holding a baby with the Bible verse, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Ps 139:14, for my first grandchild.

I painted this when he was about five years old. He is autistic and an absolutely beautiful and very loving child, perfectly and wonderfully made by our loving God and I believe angels have been watching over him ever since he was born.

7. ClothedWithDignityCo: Wear Your Faith; Clothe Yourself With Dignity

Shop Owner: Sacha C

Website: Clothed With Dignity – Wear Your Faith; Clothe Yourself With Dignity (clothedwithdignityco.com)

Favorite Gift: I always like giving flowers to my mom. I personally haven’t received any gifts for Mother’s Day aside from a card. But if I was to get something, I really like flowers and chocolate. (Cliche I know! Haha)

Most meaningful gift from her shop:

My ebook called Finding Your Identity In Christ is special to me because writing it has helped me share all that I have learned over the past few years about identity and worth. It’s all about learning who you are, who the Creator is, and why He created you, and knowing that your identity and worth are found in Christ alone (and not of this world).

For many years, especially as a Christian, I lost a sense of who I was. I even had very low self-esteem and self-worth. I spent a lot of time helping myself learn more about who I am and who God is and that my value is in Him alone.

My identity is in the one who made me.

8. DaMo Boutique: Quality Shirts for Family, Life, Celebration and More

Shop Owner: Eve

Favorite gift: I think the most meaningful gift is to make my mother feel special.

9. DoughpCreations: Classic Sourdough Bread with a Flava Remix + More

Shop Owner: Michele

Personal Note: Acts of service top my love language list, with gifts following close behind. So perhaps that’s why Michele’s shop stood out to me.

That and who doesn’t love homemade bread? There’s more than one reason God chose manna to rain down on his people.

In addition, when I was a new mother with a newborn, some of the most significant gifts were the meals friends provided. For me, a home (or store-bought) meal made me feel loved.

Information from Michele about her company: (Be sure to check out her video below for more details!)

With the help of donations, 668 Neighbor Loaves have been delivered so far. The Neighbors United Resource Center Food Shelf supports about 450 people in Chippewa and Yellow Medicine counties. Doughp Creations will continue to purchase Minnesota organic grain to mill healthful flour and create nutritious loaves as long as we possibly can.

Serving my community is important to me because a healthy community is a prosperous community. Buying local also supports our economy and ensures sustainability.

10. MagicalClayDecor: One-Stop-Shop for a Perfect Gift. Customized 3D Mugs

Shop Owner: Hanna (Ukrainian American)

Personal Note: I feel saddened and helpless with everything going on in Ukraine right now. And while prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do right now, another way to support Ukraine is by supporting those closest to the war.

And while that can mean many things, one way could be through supporting artists like Hanna.

**Note: On Etsy, you can search for Ukraine shops and will bring up others as well that we can support.

Etsy has a separate page set up as well: You can go HERE for that page.

Favorite Gift:

The most precious gift for Mother’s Day happened last year. It was my first year as a mother, and my, what a roller coaster of emotions it has been!

My husband surprised me with matching necklaces (one for me and one for our baby daughter (when she’s old enough to wear it, of course). It was two pandas –mama panda and baby panda, which happened to be my daughter’s favorite animal.

Most meaningful gift from her shop:

If you were to ask me two weeks ago, I’d say a female knitter mug. My whole family knits and I created this design as a tribute to their creativity and patience.

However, on February 24 Russia attacked Ukraine.

I’m Ukrainian American, the majority of my immediate family live in Ukraine.

My hometown of Kherson is currently occupied by Russians. Local people can’t get in or out; all they can do is rebel. They stand strong despite the horrors of war, and I wanted to be strong for them.

Overnight, I created this design and pledged to donate all profits to the good people of Ukraine. This mug is my new favorite. With every mug I make, I feel like I can make a little difference, plant a seed of hope within this horror of war. And it gets me going.

11. EnjoyTheWood: Wood World Maps/Recipe Books/City Maps

Shop Owner: Igor Fostenko (Ukraine Shop)

Personal Note: I love the look of these one-of-a-kind wood products. I love to travel and would love to showcase my travels in my home.

If you want to go really big on a gift, you could separately wrap a push pin of where you plan to take the mother in your life on a surprise trip!

I don’t know about you, but that would be an amazing gift to have one day. (Hint, hint to my husband or children reading this one day.)

And the recipe books would be fun to add your own favorite recipes.

Favorite Gift (From Helen): The most heartfelt gift was created with my own hands and personalized for a loved one.

Most meaningful gift from the shop: I am in love with all the items in our store and would love to recommend any of them.

Best Gifts for Your Mom Continued: (Non-Etsy Stores)

Most of the following shops are ones that I have personally used and loved. They continue to provide quality products and daily inspiration.

12. Sketchy Notions: Colorful & Cheerful Stationery & Paper Goods

Shop Owner: Chelsea Ward

Website: Sketchy Notions

Personal Note: Sometimes, all you need to tell someone you love them is a simple card. The simple, but well-thought-out gift may be remembered the most.

Favorite Gift: My favorite gift I’ve gifted my mom was probably the giraffe year! She’s a huge giraffe lover and their local zoo has private feeding experiences you can reserve so we got her a spot she could see them up close and feed them. It was pretty special for all of us.

Most meaningful gift from her shop: I think my Tiny Cat and Plant calendars are my favorite. They were originally just something I loved to paint but so many people have loved them too and I’m excited to continue to have an excuse to paint what I love.

Colorful Boxed Card Set with Stamps  6 Plant Themed Cards image 1
Box Card Set with stamps (I love having card sets handy. That way when I forget about an occasion, I have something I can grab!)

13. DaySpring: Christian Cards, Inspirational Gifts and More

Mission statement:

To know God, to demonstrate His Kingdom, and to help people throughout the world know and share His love by providing Christians with tools of communication that express God’s heart in fresh, new ways.

Personal Note: One of my favorite gifts to give include a mug, a daily calendar, and a mug warmer.

My coffee or tea stays warm no matter how many times I have to get up to answer the demands of little people. And well, thanks to my sister, I’m a bit of a daily calendar junkie.

And Dayspring has a wide assortment of mugs and calendars, plus many more great ideas for the loved ones in your life.

14. Faithbox: Christian Subscription Box

I just subscribed to this box. I can’t wait to receive my first box. I’ve already been enjoying their daily devotional.

One of the things I like about the daily devotional is that it’s a little different every day, one day it might just be a prayer, and another day a video devotional (plus some).

Faithbox provides two subscription box options:

  1. Faithbox: Includes the monthly devotional, a Christian book, and Do Good products (sourced from companies using their revenues for good).
  2. Faithpak: Includes the monthly devotional and a Christian book.

15. Ten Thousand Villages: Fair Trade Handmade Gifts and Crafts from International Artisans

Personal Note: What seems like a lifetime ago, I volunteered at Ten Thousand Villages. I loved seeing all the unique items and even more, I loved hearing the stories behind the items and how their lives were impacted by their shops.

With each item, you receive a little story behind the product and where it’s made. I still use many of the items I’ve purchased. (I didn’t see any of the items I still own as that was a decade ago, but I did see many other items that would make a great gift.)

16. Uncommon Goods: Cool, Unique & Unusual Gifts | Uncommon Goods

So they are well-named because truly their gifts and uncommon, unique, and beautiful. I own the first two pictures below.

Personal Note: The jewelry holder allows me to see all my earrings quickly and looks beautiful in my room and the Tree Globes are a reminder of the love my sisters and I have for each other (a gift from my sister).

17.Notes To Self® Positive Affirmations Socks + Inspiring Quote Socks – notes to self® socks

**Referral Link: http://rwrd.io/g2cxyul?c: $10 off your first purchase of $40 when you use the referral link.

I first heard about this shop from a podcast I listened to a while ago. (I don’t remember the name of the podcast now.) But I loved the mission and the story behind the store.

Personal Note:

I know socks can seem like a lame gift, but we all wear them and need them. It’s something we see every day, so we might as well make them stand out, and what better way to do that than with positive thoughts. 🙂

And these socks are very comfy, high quality, and as a bonus, made in the USA.

I will say for my daughter they are a little too thick for her taste. That’s not really saying much though because I have yet to find socks she liked. (She’s very texture sensitive. Putting on her softball socks was a nightmare.)

I did see some lighter-weight socks that I have yet to try. So if you’re looking for something thinner, that may be a great option.

Well, there you have it…

A gift guide full of great ideas and gifts that keep on giving.

In my opinion, some of the best gifts for your mom.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out Etsy’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide from the Editor’s Picks. (Still an active link as of November 2022)

Any gift from Etsy, the non-Etsy stores listed above, or any other local store for that matter is giving back to the community.

No matter what you decide as one of the best gifts for your mom, just remember to take the time to honor the women in your life. Even the smallest gestures will be appreciated.

Honor your father and mother. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Matthew 19:19 (NLT)

Your turn! What do you think is one of the best gifts for your mom? Tell me in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this post, I would appreciate your shares on social media.

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Original Post: April 2020. Updated March 2022 and November 2022

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  3. When I have all my children with me for dinner. Time spent with me is my love language.

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