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When God Gives You What You Need

I wanted this week’s post to be about a woman from history or a story from a real -life woman. I wanted to provide more structure to my website. I even scheduled my posts I want to write all the way up to December.

However, I have been having the worst writer’s block. I have written three different rough drafts. I am not satisfied with any of them.

I feel behind, rushed, overwhelmed. I feel my own self-imposed pressure to write a piece about what I scheduled for myself. I am a rule follower; I do not even like to break my own rules.

But sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Sometimes life throws you curve balls. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. Go where the wind blows you. And sometimes God gives you what you need, whether you know it or not, divine intervention.

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August and September has been a whirlwind for us.

We have had birthday planning and celebrating, wedding planning and celebrating (Both of which I or my children played a major part.), family in town two weekends in a row; I recently went out of town with my sister for a conference. And the saddest of all, is two deaths in the family. My sister’s new husband’s father passed away the night of their wedding. My grandmother passed away Monday at 12:18 PM.

We knew both deaths were imminent. Both loved ones were on Hospice. But you never fully know and you can never fully grieve unti it happens.

I feel at peace with my grandmother’s passing. She had been in a nursing home the better part of the past decade from remnants of a stroke. She was unable to walk and while she was “with it”, her quality of life has been slowly declining.

My sisters and I were able to see her this past summer with our entire families. I have no regrets.

I was able to say goodbye on the phone. I know she heard me. My dad said as I was talking with her, she opened her eyes just a little. (She had been unconscious for the better part of 24 hours). I know she will no longer be hurting, her body will be healed and she will be reunited with my late grandfather, who passed away when I was in high school. ( at least 20 years ago)

But in all of the sadness, when you’re feeling that your heart is empty, and lacking, You’ve got to remember that grief isn’t the absence of love. Grief is the proof that love is still there.

Tessa Shaffer, Heaven Has No Regrets

When Grace Is Needed:

With all the above events unfolding, I think it is necessary to give myself grace. However, instead of giving myself grace, I kept pushing, and in God’s great imminence, He provided a much needed break. How our Lord knows our hearts and needs without us even asking!

What is the price of two sparrows-one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God then a whole flock of sparrows.

Matthew 10: 29-31 NLT

When God Pushes:

I had a full day of plans, but alas my son came down with a fever the night before, effectively preventing me from going anywhere but the absolutely necessary stops.

Maybe you think these daily things are just coincidence? What does a great God care about the little things in my life? How could he possibly know everything about me and the world at large?

I must confess, I too find myself doubting at times. How can something so magnanimous possibly exist in a world of great sin? There are great scientific minds that could debate this much better than I.

Seeing God Everyday:

I know these things to be true:

I see God every day.

I see God in the purple flowers in our yard after grieving the loss of my husband’s mother. Purple was her favorite color and never before had those flowers appeared in our yard until the spring after she passed away.

I see God when my extra sensitive daughter is trying to find socks that she can wear and a previously lost one appears in plain view where I had already looked once, effectively avoiding any drama on a hurried school morning.

I see God in the gentle breeze against our faces on a hot sultry humid day in Louisiana at church camp one year, immediately after I prayed for just that.

I see God when I’m crying during a conference over anxiey over my child and realizing how much of my energy and worries go into my daughter on a daily basis. Then I turn the page of my journal to find written in my daughter’s kindergarten handwriting, “I love You, God and Gesus”. And God gently shows me that He’s got me and He’s got my daughter. Simply because He cares for me.

I see God on a rainy day during nursing school, where the tears of my dismay are blinding me because I fear I cannot go on! Then out of the blue, He sends me an angel to encourage me and provide me hope and share her umbrella.

I see God in how my daughter at age 4, had vivid memories of talking with her Mimi after her death and how my daughter remembers the crib and rocking chair she was so lovingly rocked and placed in by her Mimi.

I see God when someone I love attempted to kill himself with the gun to his head, knowing the day before that it was indeed loaded, to find when he pulled the trigger, that the gun jammed.

In all these things we are more than conquerors!

These are just my personal stories; How many more could I recount if my eyes and ears had been consistently open?

But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear.

Matthew 13:16

If God can make the lame to walk, the blind to see, if He can tell the waves to stop with the sound of His voice, then He can provide a break for you. Whether you think you need it or not. And He can give you a gift of flowers in a field to remind you of a life long past, but never forgotten.

Sometimes God whispers, sometimes He blows gently, and sometimes He has to push you.

Today, I simply ask you: Are you listening? Will you listen to God’s whisper? Will you open your eyes to see His gifts?

Rejoice! For THIS is the day the Lord has made!

How have you seen God today?

This phrase takes me back to a time in a college with a dear friend and roommate. We initiated the phrase How have you seen God Today? We even hung the following initials in our room: HHYSGT? We started the morning with this question and at the end of the day, we shared with each other the things we had seen from God each day? So, I’ll ask again.

How have you seen God today? Share below in the comments!

Sharing is Caring! As always thanks for reading!

Note: I was asked to join a book launch team for the following book: Transforming Your Thought Life. It must be divine intervention, because it was just I needed to hear. It has really helped me in my relationship with God and meditating on all that He has done.

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