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Inside: Lessons on greed learned from the children’s book, The Greedy Python

One of my favorite all-time children’s stories is The Greedy Python.

Perhaps this is one of the lesser-known books by Eric Carle, but just as extraordinary in my opinion. The story is short, funny, silly, and makes a great lesson. What more could you want?!

As you might be able to tell, the story is about a python who eats so much, well, I can’t spoil the ending now, can I? At any rate, because of the python’s greed, he comes to a predictable end, albeit a little graphic but silly.

And while this may be a bit of a stretch, I think it does teach us a lesson about greed.

Eventually, it will come to bite you in the butt.

Consider the following quote:

The problem with the clenched-fist money-management style is that while those dollars can’t get away, new dollars can’t get in, either.

Dave Ramsey

The above is true of much in life.

For instance, and this might hit a little too close to home for some of you, sharing your secret stash of chocolate with your kids.

Oh yes, I am just as guilty, especially if it is expensive chocolate. I mean they won’t appreciate it and I hate waste!

But if you want to teach your children generosity, then you, as with many things in life, must first teach by example.

I’m not saying to share that one piece of chocolate from Bolivia or Peru that costs an embarrassing amount.

However, I am suggesting for you to look at your own generosity. I myself am very guilty of this, particularly with food. I really don’t know why, as I was never deprived as a child.

Nevertheless, it never fails when you sit down to finally enjoy that piece of cake or chocolate, here comes a little munchkin, begging to have just one bite.

I have been trying to be more intentional with sharing though.

I’m not sure if it was the result of me trying to be more intentional, but my 6-year-old, unprompted, shared a chip with white cheese dip with me and her aunt, which is one of her favorite things to eat in the world.

I am not one to preach on generosity, so I will not regale you with my thoughts on how to be just that. I would, however, love to know how you show generosity to your children, as that is one weakness in my life I need to improve.

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