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7 Hard Truths About Pregnancy and Parenting

Pregnancy and motherhood are debatable, hot subjects. Everybody has an opinion, a judgment, a story.  Everybody thinks they can give you advice on everything from the clothes your kids should be wearing to how you should discipline them.  Here is what they do not tell you about pregnancy, parenting and more: (In my humble opinion,

Let Us Not Forget to Say Thank You!

Since Memorial Day is upon us, I wanted to share the following post I wrote a couple of years ago. I cannot believe it has been that long. Memorial Day is, of course, a time of fun and fellowship and community with our family, but let us not forget our fallen heroes and the reason

Calling All Beautiful Women! (That’s You!)

  Many of you who know me personally know that I have wanted to start my own blog for awhile. I love writing and have been missing it for quite awhile.  I dabbled fairly consistently in 2014.  Since then I decided to go back to working full time in the fall of 2017. It was